Welcome to Wild Child Co.'s new website! Have a look around and make sure to pick up something from our "Shop" for your little one or for someone you know who has or is going to have a little one!

The more I spend time trying to stock this online store with pre-loved clothing and shoes (toys, books & accessories will come soon!), the more I realize how there is so much out there in the "used" market that can still be used and loved by so many of our children instead of being destined to the landfill, other "developing" countries, or recycled. I also have come to really re-think what it means when I buy something new. There is always something "new" that is being sold to us everyday with promises of making us more complete and happier. I love buying new clothing for my son, Luke, for sure, but I've also come to realize that there are a lot of used items that he can just as easily wear and use everyday, with the bonus of costing me a lot less money (not to mention, the environmental impact of re-using clothing).

Wild Child Co.'s online shop of pre-loved clothing and other items differs from thrift stores and consignment stores, in that, I curate a mixture of kids' clothing that I think are stylish (overalls!), are everyday necessities (muddy buddies, rain boots!), come from brands that parents & kids love (MEC, Gap, Osh Kosh) and even designer brands that are hard to find used (Petit Bateau, Catimini), and other quality items that will save you a lot of time hunting and thrifting for (unless you're into that sort of thing, which I highly recommend!). We also have a bakery and play space for the kids and I am hoping that one day, we'll find the perfect space to combine everything into one brick & mortar store you can visit on a daily basis (in person!)

For now, keep following us on Instagram (@wildchildyvr) or sign up for our mailing list (at the bottom of this website) and see what market or pop-up shop we will be in next. 

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