Pacific Spirit Park on UBC Campus is a Gem You Have Been Missing Out On

You don’t need to go very far to immerse yourself and your offspring in a good forest bath. One way to get to Vancouver, Canada’s, Pacific Spirit Regional Park is to bike on 16th Avenue, swerve off the paved road when you past Blanca, and start your way to a calmer, fresher, & greener commute to the nearest childcare center. (Oops, I mean, to the forest.) 

Aside from Pacific Spirit Park having great trails that lead to the many (but never enough) daycare centres of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Childcare Services, it is also an amazing park to go on some quick hikes. Or a casual stroll, bike ride, walks with the dog or as my toddler likes to do: go off the path a bit, explore & have a picnic. Sounds like heaven to me.

I gave this blog post the title with the words, “You” and “Missing Out On” because really, if you live in proper Vancouver or it’s neighbouring counterparts like Burnaby & Richmond, you can actually get away from the noise, traffic & busyness of city life in under half an hour—and well, if you’re not taking advantage of that, you’re missin’ out! Forget driving 2-3 hours to get to the trailhead of Garibaldi just so you can really get into nature—just get in the car, or bus or bike, strap in your kids, and go play outside in this beautiful place kids love to call, “The Forest.”

Lucky for me, it’s only a 10 minute drive to get to "The Forest.” How long will it take you? And are you on the way? I promise that once you see how convenient it is to get to, how much your kids will love it, and that there’s a chance you can spot an owl, then well, you’ll be hooked!

Leave a comment below and tell me what your #WildChild loves about Pacific Spirit Park! What have you done there as a family and what are you looking forward to do?


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